Hello dear friend! My name is Timia and I am so excited to have you visiting this little space of mine. I am passionate about Jesus and discovering who He is and how He loves. Colorado is the place I consider home, its where I live with my wonderful best friend and husband but I love to travel and to see different cultures and to meet people. I  love everything floral and writing is a passion that I am discovering and developing as I take in the world and people around me. My heart is to unpack and learn about love and to inspire and awaken people to walk in their true potential. I believe that the more we pursue God and His love, the more that we learn to love ourselves and to love those around us. This world is filled with so much beauty and love, but sometimes it feels that gets lost in the thorns and weeds and my hope is to help people to see the beauty and not the thorns. Thank you for reading my words, my prayer is that they would spark a fire within and draw you closer to the very one whose name is love. I would love to hear from you and to know what you are learning! Here is to the journey, to discovering the beauty in the mundane and to inviting love into our daily lives.

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