Love Triumphs Fear

Fear will tell you to retreat. To hide in the shadows. To focus on your inadequacies. 

Love on the other hand is empowering and encouraging. It pushes you forward and reminds you of the purpose within your heart. 

In what ways have you let fear cause you to retreat and hide? How can you shatter those walls and let love triumph Continue reading

Letting Go

Standing on the edge of a field of flowers, their was a young girl who stood holding in each hand a glass cage that was filled to the brim with colorful butterflies. They are heavy, yet her grip remains tight … Continue reading

Deep Roots

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Yesterday I completed one of my goals for 2019, to read two books every single month. Thats 24 books that I have read over the last twelve months. When  I set down my final book, I felt so much joy, … Continue reading

Dig Deeper

The dust stirs all around. Waiting to settle, but unable to because of all the commotion and chaos that pull and tugs within my heart. Some of it is intentional, the busyness, the running around the lack of rest within … Continue reading

  Today I got four new tires for free. Through Gods grace and faithfulness, it’s a story that I hope encourages you. This week has been a rollercoaster, well really the past few months have, but those details aren’t important … Continue reading