Letting Go

Standing on the edge of a field of flowers, their was a young girl who stood holding in each hand a glass cage that was filled to the brim with colorful butterflies. They are heavy, yet her grip remains tight … Continue reading

Dig Deeper

The dust stirs all around. Waiting to settle, but unable to because of all the commotion and chaos that pull and tugs within my heart. Some of it is intentional, the busyness, the running around the lack of rest within … Continue reading

  Today I got four new tires for free. Through Gods grace and faithfulness, it’s a story that I hope encourages you. This week has been a rollercoaster, well really the past few months have, but those details aren’t important … Continue reading

Grace Abounds

God’s grace finds us in the moments when we least expect it. The moments when we find ourselves fragile and broken and the ones where we feel on top of the world. It finds us in the dark nights and … Continue reading

Here’s to 25

I’m learning that It is okay to waver, to stand on the shore of uncertainty and doubt. To let the water wash up over and over again, the rythym of have echoing the beat of your heart. It is okay … Continue reading