Love Triumphs Fear

A couple years ago I was getting coffee with a friend, who at the time I didn’t know all that well. She had recently given her life to Jesus and we were hanging out to talk about that and so that I could answer any questions she had. 

Immediately I recognized that she had a deep wisdom within her and found that she spoke more into my life then I did hers. 

To this day I still remember one of the things she said to me, and I often find myself going back to that conversation and the illustration she used of the way we live our lives in fear even though Love has set us free. 

It is as if everyone is walking through life trapped in their own glass box.

Walking around within their own safe spaces. Able to see those around them and  trying desperately to create meaningful interactions. Yet constantly being held back by their walls of protection. Walls that are built upon fear in order to keep us from truly loving and connecting with people. 

There is always this longing for more. A longing for fresh air and human contact. Yet fear holds us back. We tell ourselves that the world out there is scary, that vulnerability never leads to anything besides hurt and disappointment. We tell ourselves that we are too much for others, that nobody will accept and understand the depths of our hearts. 

But what would happen if you break that glass? If you shatter the past fears and perceptions of others and allow yourself to experience freedom and love?

You would realize it isn’t so scary out there. That you can breathe a lot better and that your feet can dance with joy.
And you would inspire others to break their glass walls. 

For when you let love in and show others the same love-you begin to recognize that we aren’t all that different from the people around us.

We are all created to thrive and to love others and to let love be our compass. 

Fear will tell you to retreat. To hide in the shadows. To focus on your inadequacies. 

Love on the other hand is empowering and encouraging. It pushes you forward and reminds you of the purpose within your heart. 

Fear diminishes your worth and emphasizes your weaknesses. 

Love on the other hand sees your weaknesses and says that you are so much more. Love says you are worth fighting for. 

So today I will leave you with one question- what fears have cause you to retreat and to hide behind your glass box? How can you shatter those  walls and let love triumph? 

For me, one of the fears I am shattering is that I am not enough where I am and that I have to to compete with others. One practical way I am overcoming that is through the way I talk to myself and in showing up at the gym without comparing myself to others as I focus on how I can make progress for me. And another way is through setting aside time to write because that is something that is important to me. Even if just one person reads what I put out here I will still show up and know that is enough. 


There is no fear in love. But perfect Love drives out fear.

  • 1 John 4 :18


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