And Still We Hope

Last week was rough. I had been feeling more sick than usual and pretty discouraged with not having answers. I was trying some dietary changes that initially seemed they would help narrow down the answers, or at least leave me … Continue reading

Choosing kindness

I got flipped off the other day. Which I am sure is something that does not sounds terribly monumental, but it isn’t something that happens to me often. And believe it or not, I have never flipped anybody off. It … Continue reading

An Echo of Love

I remember you. Curly hair, sun-kissed skin that emphasized your freckles. A smile that still managed to convey a small piece of hope. Your eyes reflected the hurt and abuse that had stolen your innocence. You spent your life tiptoeing … Continue reading

The Process

Chaos. The stirring up of the lies that have for so long spun their webs around our hearts. Thirsty. Our hearts cry out for freedom from the fears that stifle their potential and purpose. Freedom. The love that has the … Continue reading