When we don’t see the immediate growth of the prayers planted, it is easy to get discouraged. We’ve grown accustomed to a world where with one click we can get things delivered the next day. We see something we want and almost magically it appears on our porch.  There is no waiting period, no anticipation, and I think sometimes we begin to expect that sort of efficiency and immediacy in other parts of our lives. Sometimes though, in the waiting is when the most growth is happening. When we can’t see it, God is tending to that whispered prayer, he is growing roots under the soil and he is preparing it for what is to come.  Look for his faithfulness where you are. Perhaps he is doing something in your season of waiting that is preparing you and setting you up for what is to come


We Are All Human

It is important to remember that everyone that you encounter is human, that your problems are not always bigger or more important than theirs. We have the power and the opportunity every day to show others that love and kindness exist. 


Love Always

In this time, I have felt that even more deeply. These days feel dreary for a lot of people; waves of uncertainty and anxiety roll in thick like the morning fog. And someday it is hard to muster up the strength to look for the sunshine or to even want to let hope take root.

Yet the beautiful thing is that we aren’t alone in this time, we still have the power to connect and reach out to others. We are not alone, for love always shows up. We can come together and be hope for those who are desperate for any sign of spring. We can still find ways to be love to others even from afar. And that is why I decided to make it my goal to write 100 letters in the month of April- because love always finds a way to show up for others. This month for me that looks like writing handwritten notes and providing some extra encouragement to those who I love or even those who I don’t know. 


Taking Inventory

The other day I was driving in my car to work at 3:30 in the morning, everything around me was still asleep and quiet, when the tire pressure gauge in my car came on. Immediately I could feel a sense of panic rising within me, since buying my car I have had countless tire problems… Continue reading Taking Inventory