2 Loaves and 5 Fish

Sometimes I wonder what use these two small hands can be, how will the love I have make any sort of an impact in a world that feels like a desert cracked and dry without any water in sight. 

I look down at my hands and wonder, what do I have to offer? Will anything I do make a difference? It feels we need a revolution of love, a forest fire that cannot contained, but all I have is one match. 

Then God reminds me of a story in the bible, one where he took something that felt small and meaningless and turned it into abundance. 

2 loaves, 5 fish. 

A gesture of faith and trust. A steppingstone to a miracle taking place. 

Two small hands willing to surrender and give up what they had in obedience and expectation. 

Not only does it provide for more than 5,000 who were present, but it left an excess of abundance. 

Before the fish and loves are brought forward, John 6: 5-6 says :

Jesus asks “Where are we going to buy bread so they can eat?”  He said this to test them, for he Himself knew he would already do it. 

God has already planned and a way. All he needs from us is to come to Him with open hands and heart giving him what we have. 

Even if it feels meager and small- Jesus will take it and in thanksgiving turn it into abundance. 

The world needs your love and kindness now more than ever. It needs your light to shine brightly. 

Let your hope grow deep roots and don’t be afraid to dream big. 

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