Sweet Innocence

I love kids, because they remind me of how simple and wonderful life is. They have such a sweet innocence about them and they look at life with sparkling eyes, taking it all in. In just one moment they can remind you of just how good God is, and that he simply wants us to entrust our hearts to him.

When I got baptized sunday, a few of the kids I have babysit for since they were born got to be there. So awesome. Especially afterwards getting bombarded from all sides with such sweet little ones, definitely makes one feel pretty loved. Yesterday I babysat Elias(6), Zoe, (5) and Asher(3). We were enjoying a delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup, and Elias brought up sunday. He looked at me and said,” You know when I get older, I am going to get baptized. Because I used to be afraid to ask God for help, and now I am not. I realized God was the real Messiah. I read the bible every day and I believe in him. And then, I loved Jesus with all my heart.” Probably one of the sweetest things I have ever heard. He helped me to remember that it really is that simple. Take away all the complications, and open your eyes. Jesus, the one true Messiah, simply wants you to love him with your whole heart. To seek him diligently. Wow.

Then Zoe added, ” I decided I am going to get baptized to! Because I really love God so much and I want him to bless me.” And of course, little Asher not wanting to be left out looked up at me with a huge smile and chimed in,” Hey Tim Tims, when I get older, I am going to get baptized to. Just because I love God.” Oh my goodness, my heart is just overflowing. I just love seeing these precious kids express their love for Jesus, in such a simple but yet profound way.

So my dear friends, this is my prayer. That we begin to see God the way these kids so innocently do, with eyes wide, unmarked by this world, with wonder filled minds. They see Jesus in such simple terms, knowing that he loves them, and that he is the true Messiah who wants to bless and take care of us. It is not about rules and religion. It is about you, and Jesus who forgave your sins and set you free! So today, remember to smile, and don’t take this wonderful life for granted.

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