Forever Awaits

Today, the last day of may marks the beginning of having only one month before I leave for Australia. One-month people! That is so crazy, I know it is going to come so quickly-I mean may flew by.

So this morning before church, I was really praying for Gods mindset on it all. Because in and of myself I am starting to get nervous, to let fear of the goodbyes overshadow all the new hellos. I am starting to get slightly scared, and a little scatterbrained trying to plan my last month, working over finances and making lists of what to do and buy.

Then at church, during worship, God kept whispering this phrase “ forever awaits”. Initially, I was trying to figure out what it meant and why God was repeating it over and over. And God told me to just be still, to focus on Him and He would clarify. And of course, He did. He gave me a vision. A beautiful vision filled with His love and grace and a reminder that we serve an audience of one: Jesus. So here is my small attempt to show you this vision and I hope it encourages you. So grab a cup of coffee or tea, curl your feet underneath you and let God speak to you through this story.

It starts in this beautiful mountain town, kids laughing, fields upon fields of flowers, the sunset behind the mountain casts a peaceful glow. Out in one of the fields laced with flowers, sits a little girl. She is picking flowers and in her own little world. Her friends and family start calling to her-telling her to come home. Yet, in the opposite direction the cliff comes to an end, dropping to a black abyss-starkly contrasting the field of flowers. The little girl starts walking towards the drop off, despite the people trying to lure her back. She looks very sad to leave them, but keeps walking. When she reaches the top, she sees a rickety bridge that is frail and worn and in no way looks safe to cross. Before she looks across though, she sees a piece of paper lying at the foot of the bridge. Inside it there is written in cursive, two simple words “ Forever Awaits”. Looking up across the scary bridge, a young man, Jesus, is standing with arms open wide, awaiting her. He says, “ Do not be afraid, I am with you” The young girl wants so badly to go, but keeps looking back where her friends are standing, where her house sits, where there is a beautiful sunset, her favorite field of flowers. Yet she is so overwhelmed by Jesus, that she grabs the edge of the bridge and steps onto the one thing that although it looks frail and broken is the only way to get to Jesus. As she steps towards Jesus, the bridge begins to repair itself as she goes, creating safe travels. The girl is scared, but yet she knows Jesus is with her. She reaches the end and jumps into Jesus’s arms. He hugs her so tightly, then puts her down and grabs her hand and they walk off into the distant sunset

So that’s the vision, and then this is what God told me it means.

We tend towards leading comfortable lives, avoiding change, and clinging to familiarity.

Yet, when God calls us to something greater, sometimes we have to abandon all and run after Jesus.

Sometimes we have to say goodbyes and we have to let go of what we know and step onto that rickety bridge.

Forever awaits, signifies that we have the rest of this beautiful life to walk hand in hand with Jesus.

We will say goodbyes to those we love and we will meet new people. Yet we have forever with Jesus, we have forever to hold his hand and to walk in His grace and to learn about Him.

Our lives will be filled with change. Whether moving to Australia for six months, saying goodbyes, new jobs, getting married or having kids. Yet we have forever to live, learn and fall in love with a God who never changes.

In the midst of trying situations, frustrating people, panic attacks, the enemies lies-we have that promise to cling to : forever awaits.

So let me ask you, are you willing to let go of the things and people in your life and take that step? Are you willing to let go of your ideas about life, thoughts on where you want to go and to run into Jesus arms for eternity?

As you take this step, God will guide you, protect you and shield you from the darkness, just like he protected that little girl in my vision.


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