A Rose From Jesus

Reflecting on this week, and all God has done in my heart, is like trying to count the raindrops that are cascading all around me as the thunder rolls in the background. Oh, I am so thankful for the rain pouring down in front of me, as I sip my hot Chai, letting the mug warm me up. It reminds me of home, of booming thunderstorms, sun streaming through the rain and the beautiful clouds adding texture and excitement to the already colorful sky. Yet as much as I love rain, my favorite is walking around after a rainstorm, smelling the freshness that practically envelopes you from head to toe as you peer at the puddles which so clearly reflect this magnificent life God has blessed us with. Then life gets even better when you spot the lovely fluorescent rose which is adorned in raindrops that sparkle in the warming sunlight as it is embracing the new freedom.That is when I hear the gentle, loving voice of Jesus pouring over my soul, bringing life and joy to my heart.

All this newness and beauty is only a mere reflection of the changes I am bringing. A few days ago I told you that your heart is protected, surrounded by a castle of sheer glass. Inside this castle, your heart is safe, people can see it, get close, even tap on the glass, but never actually get inside. A year ago, when you gave your life to me, that was a mere crack. Enough to start reviving your heart, stirring an even greater need and desire to love me and those I placed in your life. Your heart began to beat faster, my breath filling your lungs as you started to let the fresh air penetrate into the very depths of your soul. Today, I completely broke that castle, your heart is no longer bound by the walls of it, and able to fully breathe. This is a moment I have waited and longed for, you are finally set free.Your heart is on the verge of exploding with life and beauty, and my beloved daughter you are finally ready to embrace all the change and growth of this new season. I am planting a new garden, with vibrant roses and rushing streams and fields of wild flowers.

Oh, my heart is so happy. This week brought new levels of freedom I didn’t even think was possible. God has completely shattered every protective wall I have tried so hard to build up, and I have fallen even more in love with Jesus, the lover of my soul. He is truly my daddy, and me His little princess. And He delights in dancing with me, he writes me letters and He has given me one of the most incredible gifts; freedom. Freedom to be His litttle girl, freedom to be me, freedom to not only love with everything I have, but to let other people fully love me. I truly have never experienced anything more incredible than running full heartedly after Jesus as He catches me and twirls me around and around before asking me to dance.

Then only a few days after this, I was walking with my lovely friend through a park when I see a rose just laying across the ground. And I knew without a doubt that God placed it there for me. And as I picked it up, I could hear Him whispering that It was a symbol of His love for me, that He delights in giving me gifts and it is a symbol of the garden he is cultivating in my heart. As I picked it up, my heart was so overjoyed, I didn’t know what to do with myself. Oh, Jesus loves so passionately and persistently, even taking time to leave me a flower.

Wherever you are at right now, just close your eyes and sit for a second. Ask God what He thinks of you, and I promise you will be so incredibly surprised. God doesn’t have one bad thing to say about you. No, He wants to shower you in compliments, you are His favorite child, the one he longs after. So today, smile and go out in confidence, because you belong to the God who hung the stars in the sky, who sends cascading waterfalls to remind you of His unfailing love. The one who forms mountains simply so He can stand on top singing out for everyone to hear that He loves you. Then to top it off He takes His paintbrush and in one simple stroke, the sky explodes into a magical array of colors that all scream of His love for you. And that same God wants you, pursues you, chases after you with everything He has. So instead of running, turn around and leap into His arms. I promise, He will never let you go.
Love always,

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