The Beauty Between Seasons

Restlessness has a tendency to weave itself into the very roots we are trying to grow as it chokes the life from the foundation you are building and whispers in its soft and conniving voice. It tells you of all the good that will come from uprooting yourself as you run away from the hardships that come from investing yourself in people and a community.

It shows you pictures of what life could look like if you were just able to find a new place to bloom and it feeds you the lie that leaving is always the best choice. Yet the reality is that as necessary as leaving can be, there is also a profound beauty to be found in being willing to grow where you are planted because that allows you to invest in deep roots. By choosing to stay, you are allowing yourself the freedom to go from a small seed to a blooming flower of grace and love.

Sometimes it isn’t about the seasons, the way the autumn leaves dance to the ground or perhaps the way small flowers push through the dark in order to remind the world that beauty still exists. If we are constantly walking down the road in search of a hidden meaning or a glimpse of what is to come, then I think we often miss what is right in front of us. For every season brings different joys or struggles and sometimes the best of times are the in-betweens.

If you pause and look for it, there is a beauty to be found in floundering between unanswered questions and the constant pursuit of what is next. We live in a world that is constantly striving for perfection and delights in following map, yet maybe it is time that we start walking in boldness through forests of uncertainty as we let love be our faithful guide.

So much of life can be spent drowning in insecurities because comparison truly is the thief of joy. If you are constantly looking at the way other people seem to know how to grow and thrive, you will miss out on the unfolding joy and love that your very breath brings to this world.

Open your eyes and stand tall. You were made to be a world changer and let me tell you, this world is craving genuine love; a kind heart that looks past the differences that society uses to separate us. You bring a kindness that causes wilting flowers to turn towards the sun so that it can call out the beauty and strength that has been there all along.

So don’t let the in-betweens or loss of direction stop you from smiling brightly. There isn’t a step you take that doesn’t hold meaning and this world is desperate for people who walk out Gods love. Don’t let yourself be bound up in the chains of comparison or the lies that you aren’t good enough. You are set free and all you have to do is take one step in order to allow confidence to take root. I think you will find that this journey is filled with hidden joys amongst all the thorns.5g

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