Standing up to Silence 

Silence. The darkness that surrounds every heartbeat in order to muffle the sounds of it slowly breaking. It’s the way you stand on the ocean shore, wave after wave washing over your feet as you cry out in desperation, only to be met by a world that is so often marked by loneliness. 

Loneliness. The constant lies that mock the small roots trying so desperately to grasp a hold of something besides void and meaningless soil. 

Meaningless. The harsh and bitter self hatred that grabs a hold of your self esteem and reminds you of every scar that has tried to rewrite your story.

Scars. The unfading marks that society uses to label you as forgotten, worthless and outcast. 

Outcast. The reason we build up walls around our hearts to protect ourselves from the cruelty of the words that cut skin deep. 

What will it take to break the silence? For this life wasn’t meant to be a constant battle of always questioning yourself worth as you fall asleep , the silence of isolation slowly turning the light into darkness. 

Im beginning to realize that part of being human is learning to open our hearts to share this journey with those around us. Only when we begin to stand up for ourselves will we realize that there is a beauty in knowing that we aren’t made for isolation and the joy in this journey is found in the simplicity of friends who walk along side you through every changing season. 

In all of lifes inconsistencies and imperfections there has always been one constant. The heartbeat of a king whose love takes all your doubts and fears and commands flowers to not only grow, but to thrive in His presence. 

As surely as God hung every star in the sky and breathes life to the very ground you walk on, He sees your brokenness and chooses to mend it all. 

Yet as He heals every wound and plants new seeds of love and kindness He gently whispers, now go, go and break the silence that is binding your brothers and sisters. Grab them by the hand and gently help them to stand up in freedom. I created you to be heard and not just seen. 

 What if we came together and made the decision that we are no going to let silence be the fear that stops all growth in its tracks? The beauty of this journey is that we have been given hearts to walk along side us so that we can share encouragement and kindness as we walk through both the good and hard seasons. 

So one by one, lets take the love that God so abundantly poured out and use it to water the hearts that have grown silent. Call out the beauty within those around you so that they become a beautiful blooming flower,full of confidence and an understanding of just how much beauty and power they bring to this world. Let love be the unwavering truth that you build a foundation on. A love that refuses to remain silent because with every kind word you speak, every heart you choose to empower, you are igniting a purpose and passion that will change generations. This life was never meant to be lived in isolation, so stand up in boldness and raise your voice to find the hearts that are beating in time with yours. 

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