Activating Love

We crave love and fear loneliness, yet we push people away and hide our hearts behind walls.

We desire to be seen, to be known, to be accepted; yet we run away allowing our insecurities to dictate our every move.

Fear is often our motivator and success our goal, yet in our pursuit of perfection it seems we have made idols of our dreams instead of remaining fully present.

We so often let love be put on the back burner as we stand by and wait for others to step in and get their hands dirty.

For someone will stop, they will always stop, but when will we stop waiting on other people to be the ones to extend love to the broken?

Our hearts hold the key to set others free, yet we so often use it to lock and confine them in a prison cell.

If God is love, He would never predestine anyone to live behind those four prison walls. And if we are Gods hand and feet, why are we the first to look away?

People are searching for love, they crave being seen. It is time for us to stand up and to activate love in our hearts, extending Gods love to His people. You will never meet anyone who God isn’t head over heels in love with as His son or daughter. Every heart that God created is beating with a purpose and it is our job to spark revival in the ones that are faintly breathing.

Sometimes that looks like loving the very people who are hard to love. Sometimes that means getting your hands dirty because love isn’t passive, it is unafraid to embrace the messiness as it choose to stay and fight through the hard times.

For the beautiful thing about love is that it isn’t always comfortable, it’s choosing to show up even when it would be easier to uproot and run away.Gods love isn’t scared of our scars, so why do we let other peoples flaws and hurt push us away? Gods answer is never to run away, instead it is to stay and to embrace the chaos as we let go of our own reputation.

In order to be love, we first must know love. In order to know love we must let go of our own ideas and chase after God with reckless abandon. The journey to self-love and seeing ourselves with Gods heart is perhaps the greatest journey we could embark on because only then can we begin to live and thrive in the way He intends.

I am slowly learning that my first response should always be to run to God and to wait. To wait patiently, for love isn’t confined by a time frame. God’s love doesn’t set barriers and it isn’t limited by our views and judgments with which we perceive people.

So it is time. Time to activate love and to extend it to all, even the hard ones that are often easier to leave behind.

It is time to make room for love instead of filling our lives with meaningless things that choke out the growth that God wants to bring. You don’t have to convince love to stay, it is just a matter of being willing to let it knock down your walls. Once you open the doors, it will gently invade until you are aware of the way that you used to gasp for air. God’s love has a way of bringing life and refreshment until you are fully alive and thriving in all that you do.

The unraveling is necessary in order to bring the mending and healing. For new beginnings often come from something else ending. Walk in love, but be bold for love is not passive. It is time to activate love within our hearts so that we can begin to truly live and thrive.

So pick up your pen and start writing your story. God’s love is the blank page, new beginning and a powerful journey to come. Don’t let the fear of failure and perhaps even love keep you from filling the space with your every breath. You have been given the ability to create new things and to grow and thrive in a life that is filled with love and grace.

Start where you are and let courage take root. The time to bloom is now.IMG_0531

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