From Shadows to Light

We sit in the silence, the shadows in many ways a safe haven. Our eyes have grown accustomed to the space around us and our heart has learned to listen to the whispers of fear. The fears that know our name and prey on our weaknesses, growing their roots deep they create the illusion that no light is present.

We are quick to retreat into the shadows, afraid to face what the light might illuminate. We fear the darkness; yet in many ways love its familiarity and the way it keeps us from dealing with and facing our past hurts and scars. We crave Gods light and love yet we are quick to retreat into the shadows, confining ourselves to a life lived half-heartedly. These shadows that have been created from our fears of being inadequate and unlovable have become our place of refuge.

We have learned to call the shadows our home and they appear safe and comfortable, but we were never intended to live in darkness. For there isn’t a shadow to be found without a light that created it. Within every one of us there is always a beacon of light, a reflection of the love that paid the price for our hearts to no longer be bound to darkness. A light that illuminates the space within our hearts and is intent on removing all darkness. His love finds us in the shadows and begins to reveal the lies that are growing within them.

Yet what if we instead of running from the light, begin to turn towards it and to let it ignite our true purpose? I am learning slowly, that we must face the shadows within our hearts instead of letting them be a place of shelter. For our hearts were never intended to be hidden, but rather illuminated and brightened by the love of a king that knows no darkness.

The purpose that has always been there, planted long before we even took our first breath. A father’s devotion to his beloved children, a commitment to walk with us and fight for our growth.

The invitation to growth has always been there, a seed awaiting water in order to bloom into a beautiful flower. It is our choice whether or not we choose to run to the light, letting it spark growth and life. A flower cannot grow if it is constantly surrounded by shadows that block the light from reaching its destination. In the same way, the beauty within our hearts has always been there, it is just amplified in the light. The shadows within us stifle the purpose that God has always intended to spark into a wildfire.

It isn’t on us to solve the mysteries of this world, the ones that keep us awake at night. It is simply our job to turn to the light and to trust the one who created it. His intention is one driven by his love and adoration for our hearts. His purpose to call out the good and weed away the lies. For the unraveling of those lies allows light to illuminate a purpose within us. Healing and growth come through confrontation. Confrontation of the things we have allowed to grow poisonous roots and of the lies we have believed for so long. It wont always be easy, it is going to be a process of breaking chains and adjusting to living a fully surrendered life.

Those weeds within our heart thrive in the shadows; it is easy for them to dig their roots deep and for our feet to become chained to the ground. Yet every step we take towards the light loosens their grip on us and exposes them for what they truly are so that they can be uprooted. We must begin to learn how to navigate the winding roads within our heart, approaching the shadows with a boldness that comes from letting Gods love guide us.

The shadows may seem scary; for they hold boxes of hurt and abuse that we have taped up and shoved into the dark corners. We often forget about them, the darkness hides them well and they’ve become tangled in vines that are built upon our fears and insecurities. Yet all it takes is one match, a moment of surrender to Gods love, and the darkness becomes less scary. Those boxes suddenly feel approachable, for His love and light empower us to seek out healing. The process begins, letting light invade the space within our hearts.

How beautiful is it that God is committed to that weeding process. Even when we are stubborn and run away, He is gentle and His light remains.

His light isn’t harsh or shame filled but it is extravagant and reckless. His intention is never to expose past lies without planting love and truth in its place.

So take courage, for it is time to let His light heal the places that have only known darkness. Nothing is ever forgotten or unseen by god, His love is life giving and refreshing.

There is so much beauty to be found in simply being alive and it is time to stop allowing the shadows within to numb us from truly experiencing this wonderful life.

It is time to embrace the light for all that it is worth, letting it call out the love that has been there all along as it uproots and silences the voice of fear. It is time to let love ignite the bravery within choosing not to be afraid of the wounds it might expose. God’s love is only capable of bringing healing and restoration and in His hands we are safely held.

We must become chasers of light, running in full abandon towards the one whose very breath created the stars. The more that we run towards that light the more our purpose will begin to resonate within our hearts.

There will be good days and hard days, embrace them both. Don’t run from the chaos and unraveling of lies. It is all a process, an unfolding journey that is filled with ample amounts of grace. I am learning that I must be quick to extend grace to not only others but to myself. For there are days when the light wins and I find myself overflowing with joy and love. Yet some days I find myself retreating into the shadows as I question Gods plan. Some days my heart is soft and willing to receive correction, other days my stubbornness allows the shadows to grow.

Yet how beautiful that His love never gives up on us for He so willingly paid the price for our hearts to be filled with light. His promise is to forever be committed to us truly thriving in his Love.

In order to truly thrive, we must stop living with one foot in the darkness and fully embrace our calling as children of light. From shadows to light, Gods love is victorious.


2 thoughts on “From Shadows to Light”

  1. Truth always brings forth tears. Good tears, tears with full meaning of hope & healing. Your blog post leaves me speechless – but filled with emotion & thoughts. Thank you for writing today.


    1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for leaving this. It encourages me so much to keep writing when God puts things on my heart. I’m glad that it encouraged you!


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