Praise often precedes the miracle

Praise often times precedes the miracle.

I remember repeating these words to myself a few weeks ago when I was sitting at a point of desperation and frustration. I wanted to believe that God would provide money for my colonoscopy- but to be honest I wasn’t sure. It was over 2,000 dollars and a part of me wondered if it was even worth it. For over 4 years I’ve been sick on and off, trying different doctors and supplements and diets. Not making much progress and the last couple years I’ve been feeling worse.

I remember opening my bible to the story of Hannah, I had been dwelling on her journey for a couple weeks.

She is a young woman who can’t have children which leads to hurt and disappointment. Amidst all of her heartache though, she goes to God at the temple and weeps and cries out to him. She is told by the priest to go In peace and that God hears her.

So she goes, and is filled with joy and no longer downcast. Hannah chose to believe God’s promise and to praise him for what she believes he would do . It wasn’t until later that God remembered her and she becomes pregnant.

Praise often precedes the miracle, and our vulnerability allows God to change our heart and the situation we face. Courage is found in the moments where we are real and honest in our struggles.

In that moment I felt peace over my colonoscopy, and God told me to trust him with the money portion of it as well. I remember telling him that I surrendered it all to Him as I chose to believe what he promised.

For me, that meant letting people in , rather then always dismissing how I feel. It meant choosing to praise God for what he has done and what he promises to do.

Praise often precedes the miracle.

A friend of mine set up a go fund me, and I found my heart humbled at how much she cared and at the response of the people in my life. My manager at work organized a bake sale and I was shown so much love from my coworkers and the families whose kids I teach. It provided opportunity to catch up with old friends, to encourage others in similar situations and to grow closer with people. Within a couple weeks I’d gotten enough help to cover what I couldn’t in the procedure.

My heart is overflowing with gratitude to every person who helped me, and humbled by the love and support. I am reminded that God’s faithfulness isn’t dependent upon anything other then his love for us as His children.

Praise often proceeds the miracle. Amidst every struggle it is our choice to look for the hope and to water the seeds that have been planted. Remember that all flowers take time to grow, but with patience and obedience love will always find a way to bloom.

⁃ 1 Samuel 1: 1-20 –

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