Worthy of Our Trust

How easily do we trust in the Lord, only when things are going right, when things are playing out exactly how we want? When we feel safe, loved and are on the right track with life, it’s generally pretty easy to trust the Lord with few doubts. Yet as soon as something goes wrong, or life is not turning out how we pictured it, why is it so easy to turn to God in unbelief?

How easily we turn to him and ask if he really cares, or why he is letting such things happen. Maybe God doesn’t care and doesn’t see me struggling to stay afloat. Maybe its time to start figuring things out on my own. Your faith beings to shake, surely God wouldn’t let you walk through this trial if he truly loved you. It is easy to trust God when life is good. When all you see are sunshine and rainbows, but then comes the rain and wind. Even a tornado or hurricane, and we naturally pull our eyes from Jesus and look to our surroundings. Our faith fades and we turn to self-pity. This is so unfair, I have trusted Jesus and this is what happens? Why is it so hard to trust God in the midst of struggles and trials?

The truth is, your life is going to be filled with ups and down. You are going to have some easy days where you feel as if you could accomplish anything. There will also be days when you wake up filled with self-doubt, questioning your faith and doubting that you are loved. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that Jesus is trustworthy. He is trustworthy in the good AND bad, through sunshine AND rain, through health AND sickness, through the high mountains AND low valleys. So my friends take heart and praise the Lord for this. That he is with you no matter what. He sees you where you are at. He wants you, all of you. He doesn’t just want you on your good days; he doesn’t just love you when you’re making good choices.

The beauty of our savior is that he loves you with an unconditional love and he wants all of you. He is pursuing you and he loves you more then you can imagine. These promises are true every hour of every single day, no matter what situation you find yourself in. We so often have this mindset of when we are walking with Jesus, that this means we won’t have struggles and trials. Well the truth is, that faith does not mean the absence of struggle, but rather clinging to Jesus in the midst of struggles. So today, in the midst of your struggles and trials, choose to lift your eyes to Jesus, letting him be the anchor in the storm. He sees you, and knows exactly what you are going through. This struggle or trial will vary for every single one of you. The battle of self worth, not being good enough, being single, trusting for direction in life, loneliness, wanting to fit in, contention with friends, arguments between your parents.

Whatever it may be, turn to Jesus and pour your heart out. He wants you to talk to him. He wants you to fix your eyes on him, knowing that you are not alone. Jesus accepts you and wants you for who you are; he wants to take your broken, burdened and weary heart and make it whole. He wants to hold your hand and walk through every single up and down in life with you.

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