You are Chosen

This is a little story to remind you all that God sees us where we are at, and He delights in loving us.

Some days I wonder what it is like to not be a morning person. To be able to sleep in late and not wake up full of energy. Like this morning, when after a mere four hours of sleep my body is awake and ready to go at 6:30. Awesome, I didn’t want to sleep in anyways. My body might be awake and ready to go, but that doesn’t mean I am willingly going to part with the warm comfy blankets that are enveloped around me. Although the text from my friend Molly, inviting me to Friday morning worship is tempting, oh so tempting, but so is laying in bed a few minutes longer. As I roll over because sleep has won the battle, I feel the Lord nudging me to go. Well since there is no sleeping when God is speaking to me, I get out of bed and rush out the door. As usual it takes me .8 seconds to go from half asleep to bubbly and excited about life. Mornings really are my favorite; I always cherish the quiet moments before the rest of the world begins to wake up. Really, what better way to start the day then watching the sunrise and worshiping Jesus with some friends? Although today morning worship ends up being a chance to cherish the quiet moments and listen to Jesus, instead of the usual worship. It only takes me a minute to quiet myself and the words begin forming on my page, so many thoughts aching to get out and it’s very freeing to be giving a voice to them. Fears about going to Australia. The need to be affirmed so I know God is calling me there. Excitement about what life is bringing. I submitted the application the night before and its slowly beginning to sink in. As awesome as silence can be, it is also a great opportunity for the enemy to magnify my fears and take my thoughts twisting them into potent lies and fiery darts.  That is why it’s so important to be intentional to listen to Gods sweet calming voice, and to be open to hearing what He has to say. I keep hearing Isaiah 43, and know once again God is trying to tell me something. As I thumb through the pages of my bible to locate Isaiah I can’t help but smile at the little notes my dear friend Cierra has scattered throughout my bible. Such sweet reminders of Gods grace and love for me. My eyes immediately are drawn to Isaiah 43: 18-19. “ Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wilderness.” I close my eyes letting those words penetrate into my soul and choosing to pursue Jesus in the moment.  His words wash over me, renewing my spirits and reminding me He has a plan for me. He whispers so lovingly “ I am working in your life. I am the author of ALL time. Creator of the stars and I hold your life in my hands. Keep pressing forward I will make a way when you see none. I am watching over you, lovingly and gently transforming you to be like me. Don’t worry. I got this so you can stop trying and simply BE STILL. Let me work in your life. Learn to let go of your plan and vision for how you want life to turn out and trust that my plan is greater.” I can’t help but smile; Jesus always knows what we need.

I ended up sharing that with a whole group of people, because when God speaks that clearly to me I know other people need to hear it as well. What happened after that though I will never forget.

These stairs aren’t the most comfortable, but I really couldn’t care less right now. I’m in my own little world, even though I’m surrounded by 20 or so college kids.  Arms raised in surrender, praying to Jesus and letting him fill me with his presence. I almost don’t notice the girl who sits down next to me. She introduces herself and tells me God has given her a message to share with me. That God put it on her heart to share Matthew 22. She briefly explains the story. Many people come to the wedding as spectators just there for a good time. Yet some come because they personally know and care for the bridegroom. They come because they want to pursue a relationship and love the bridegroom. It ends with Matthew 22:14 “ many are called and few are chosen”. She then looks me in the eye and says, “ Jesus is talking about you. So many people hear Gods calling, but ignore it. He is in the process of transforming you from being called to being chosen. Jesus wanted me to tell you that He sees you and knows your heart. He wanted me to tell you that you are chosen and He will prepare you for whatever comes your way. So just know whatever is going on in your life, Jesus has chosen you for it and He will never leave you. Can I pray for you?”

By that point I was crying, completely overwhelmed by Jesus and his love for me. As she prayed for me, I couldn’t help but smile a little through the tears because Jesus is just so awesome. I mean, this girl who I have never met just spoke so clearly into my life and my specific circumstance that there is no way it couldn’t of come from Jesus.  We serve such an incredible God, one who knows us intimately and personally watching out for us and pouring into our lives. He knows exactly what we need to hear, and delights in showing us his love.

I hope as you were reading this you were reminded that God has also chosen you, that he has beautiful plans for your life. Sweet friends, Jesus loves you so much and will never stop fighting for your life. So take a moment today to simply sit and let Jesus speak to you, let him remind you that he loves you so much. Chose to let go of your plans and visions for life, and let God fill you with a passion and zeal for life and the future. Choose to be still, letting God have your worries and burdens.

1 thought on “You are Chosen”

  1. I love it, Timia! What a wonderful testimony to God’s calling in your life. You’re about to take a huge step of obedience, and even though that can be scary, God will be faithful to complete the good work he’s begun in you. I’m so looking forward to meeting you soon!


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