Slow Down, Look Around

Slow Down. Breathe. I don’t know why I am always so anxious for what is to come, like a little kid watching the presents pile up around the Christmas tree. The excitement running through their veins, anticipation strung up like Christmas lights. The twinkling Christmas tree promising that one-day their dreams will become tangible, and real. It’s so easy to let my thoughts run away at the mere thought of future adventures to come.

Yet a small voice whispers, what about today? Isn’t today worth appreciating and enjoying? Don’t you believe it is truly a miracle that you even woke up today?

I hug my knees to my chest, brush the hair out of my eyes and watch the rain slowly drizzle down the windowpane. With every drop, the puzzle pieces are finding there way home.

This right here is all I’ve got. Yes tomorrow is a tempting place to stay because it is filled with crazy adventure, love unending and promises of a beautiful future. But to dwell on such things will cause me to miss out on the beautiful wonderful world known as today.

Oh, it truly is magical if you stop and stare, if you just lift your head for one minute and take a deep breath. When I slow down, and look at this beautiful wonderful canvas of a world that Jesus has painted so gracefully and eloquently. I can’t help but be overwhelmed by Him.

Flowers of all shapes and sizes promise spring is here and new seasons of change are just around the corner. Raindrops scattered all around, with every splatter crying out of Jesus’s grace and mercy reminding me that He makes all things new and sometimes the storms in life are exactly what we need to more clearly see Jesus’s unfolding plan. My wonderful camera so elegantly capturing the raindrops perched on the flower about to let go and continue on in life’s journey, unafraid and undaunted by the great heights and other raindrops sitting beside them. My coffee warming my hands reminding me I can feel and I am alive. The bible on my lap is laced with grace and forgiveness; love is seeping out of the binding and filling me to the brim. Man, God is so good.

It is oh so tempting to curl up in this blanket, journal in hand and simply listen to the sound of rain intermingled with the acoustic version of oceans by hillsong united while letting Gods presence wash over me. Yet I know the reality of being an adult means I must carry on with work and responsibilities. I feel though like I’ve gained a new perspective. Instead of wishing today away, I intend to enjoy every minute of it as I look for the small beautiful ways today that Jesus will remind me of His unending love.

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