Rainbows and Infinite love

It hasnt  even been one week, and I can tell God is going to do incredible things here in australia. I mean I haven’t even started classes and God is revealing Himself to me and showing me new things. At this rate, I am going to need multiple journals and also some serious help organizing them, my scattered thoughts are all starting to mesh together. Where to begin, that is the question.

Well I love when God takes something normal or that you have heard often, and sheds a whole new light on it. That happened twice this week, and then when God connected the dots I was so overwhelmed with who He is.

First of all, sitting in an auditorium during orientation, the speaker talked about the verse John 11:35
Which says Jesus wept. I had never really thought that much about it, but man it is such a powerful verse.

In the previous verses, Mary comes to God weeping because lazarus died.she is distraught and a little mad at God because if he had been there, her brother wouldn’t have died. As jesus greets her, He knows He is going to bring lazarus to life and that everything is going to be okay.yet He meets Mary right where she is at, He weeps with her. How amazing to think that God feels everything that we do, and that your pain and hurt hits Him just as deeply. That God knows where you are going, but he doesn’t just sit at the finish line waiting for you to arrive. No, He meets you right where you are, smiles when you smile, patiently waits when you are stubborn and faithfully helps you along. Incredible right? Just wait, it gets even better.

I have always loved rainbows. In fact, I get pretty giddy when i see them. And today, when God painted a full one across the sky, it as if he did it just for me because he knows they are one of my favorite things.

Yet today I discovered, thanks to my lovely new friend and leader Courtney, that from an airplaine rainbows are full circles and even more majestic in color. Thats a new one for my bucket list. Rainbows are a promise of His faithfulness and goodness, and how it never ends. The fact that we usually only see half of it is Gods way of saying that all He has planned is so much greater than we can see. So cool right? Thats when God helps me put two and two together and this pen of mine cannot write fast enough because I am so excited about what God is telling me.

My dear, this life is goign to bring storms, trials, chalenges, tears and many difficulties. Yet, I will always meet you where you are at. I feel your pain, your sadness. I am weeping when you are. Yet I will always send you rainbows in life, to remind you of how beautiful life is and that beauty comes from pain and heartache. That rainbow, is just a small taste of my infinite greatness, and my plan for your life. Yet you are not meant to understand it all, and even though i know where I am taking you, I am going to meet you where you are at and walk through everything with you.

Wow. So incredible. Dear friends, take heart, God sees you. Yet more then that, he is with you, He feels what you feel. So hang in there, I promise the rainbow is coming. Life is a a beautiful journey filled with times of heartache and crying, but God will never fail to bring you sunshine and rainbows. Take heart, knowing your life is in His hands.

                                     Love Always,   


1 thought on “Rainbows and Infinite love”

  1. Timia this is amazing! Honestly everything you just wrote about is exactly what I am going through at the moment. I am so happy to see how much you are already growing! Love you!


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