The Simplicity of Freedom

So often we look at the thick dark clouds rolling in, the ones that never fail to remind us of our dark past and the insecurities, which so often guide us. With every thundering boom, the rain slowly drowns out any remaining hope. Soon the raindrops morph into tears streaming down your face as they send you into a spiral of negative thoughts and downcast spirits.

Yet what we sometimes fail to remember is that all flowers need water to grow and if you only stop to look around you will find that you are standing in a field of wildflowers.

Unruly and chasing the sunlight, they stand there, ready to embrace the rain. There is a simplicity in freedom that we so often overlook, the fact that the price has already been paid. You stand on soil that once soaked up the blood that He shed as the rain poured down, weeping the loss of a love so strong it paid for us in full.

Yet every tear that fell from the sky became the nourishment and freedom that allowed all those flowers to grow. That is the beauty of freedom, it doesn’t have to try to grow, it is already thriving. The choice is yours. Will you take the risk, choosing to water the flowers as you run through them, allowing the fresh air to be your guide, or will you keep your eyes focused on the shadows of doubt and looming rain clouds that carry nothing but fear.

It isn’t always easy and sometimes the weight of it all becomes the lies that tangle themselves around your self-esteem until you find yourself on your knees crying out for help. Yet never forget the strength you possess and the freedom that you stand on. Cling to the unwavering truth and allow yourself to rise up and to stand strong holding onto the one who is love and peace amidst the storms of this life.

Be patient with yourself, allowing every storm to teach you how to swim instead of instilling the fear of drowning. Just remember freedom isn’t complicated and with every step you take you will never be alone. You are capable of change and are not a victim to old habits. As surely as the sun will always break through the storm, so freedom will form roots and soon you will realize you could fly all along.h

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