Flower of Life

There is an unshakeable power in your voice that stems from having seen dark nights but yet instead of cowering in a corner you always grab on to hope and refuse to tremble. Every prayer you speak is breaking chains as you open your life to the healing sunlight that is illuminating a heart beating with a purpose and ready to live a life of bold kindness and love without boundaries. I have not anointed you so that you will tiptoe around, hiding from the very fears that are intended to be the soil that brings new growth and speaks life into flower after flower.

Open your eyes, stand tall. The spark in your heart is the fuel for generational change; you have the voice and courage to look at a wilting flower, a heart without purpose,commanding it to breathe once again. Your heart has been softened, the flowers are blooming as they beckon you to go deeper in my love so that you can in turn be the water that washes over broken hearts and hydrates the lives of the depressed. In one breath you can reignite purpose and inspire a generation that knows how to love and be loved.

Flowers cant grow unless they have water so don’t stand by holding the umbrella, let go and raise your hands in surrender trusting that in every season I will bring revival. Let the rain pour down as it calls out the beauty that was there all along. You have been created by freedom itself and everywhere you walk you leave flowers of joy and grace in your wake. Don’t for one second believe the lie that you aren’t worthy of being chosen or you are not good enough.

My voice is strong enough to command the wind and the waves yet gentle enough to pursue your heart. Every moment that you are awake is why I hung on that cross, because I could not bear the thought of living a life without you

So stand up in victory, join hands with your brothers and sisters. It is time to stand strong in your calling and to walk forth in the beauty and strength I have planted deep in your heart. You were not made for a mediocre life but one that speaks of love as you stand on the mountain top declaring your freedom for the whole world to hear.h

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