Embracing Your Purpose 

I so often feel that familiar tug. The way the lies try to choke out the new flowers that are beginning to grow in my heart. Some days I feel as if my battles will never end, will my heart ever fully find rest of will I always end up breaking the promises that effortlessly flow across these journal pages. Every time it is the same. I start out strong but then I end up caving once again. We all have our own vices. We pick and choose the poisons that we allow to slowly make homes in our hearts. I think perhaps the biggest lie we feed into is that we are alone and the struggle is never going to be understood. We are told to remain silent and to portray perfection. We are given labels, boxes to fit into and we often times unknowingly agree to let our battles be fought behind closed doors. 
Our brokenness allows us to slowly let isolation take root. It convinces us that nobody cares, that our beauty is defined by the amount of people who compliment us and seek us out. So often Instead of embracing our brokenness and opening up to those around us we run away. Afraid to grow roots and hesitant to let people in. We let the beauty around us drown out our voice and we retreat behind the walls we put up because in order to feel safe.

Isolation whispers that we are just mere numbers, as meaningless as one flower in a field full of wildflowers. It looks at our thorns and reminds us that nobody will every come close enough to truly care to look past all the barriers that surround our hearts. 

Yet I’m realizing that we are made for so much more then this. Our beauty is not defined by perspective, it is the whisper of a king that says you are perfectly flawless and made for a purpose. I believe that every person brings a unique beauty to this world and that is the very reason why we are taught to remain silent. This life is beautiful because of our struggles and our imperfections are what make us real and raw. The time has come to stop hiding behind these masks, to throw them to the ground and watch as they shatter to pieces. Stand up and take one step away and your heart will begin to sing with newfound freedom. 

Jesus looks down and only sees grace, His love isn’t afraid of the scars we hide behind and He speaks identity into our very weaknesses. He proclaims that every season of drought and hurt are the very times when he promises to meet us where we are at in order to faithful water every seed in our hearts.

What if we woke up every day and made the decision to love every flower that has been planted in our heart and to speak life over what is dead, acknowledging that Gods very breath will uproot every lie and replace it with his truth and passion. In a field of flowers, Gods light will never fail to shine upon you as He calls out the beauty within you and reminds you of the value you have. 

You aren’t just a number, another beating heart, feet that don’t leave footprints. You were made to be a world changer, your voice was made to be heard. You are not alone and your heart has a purpose, with every step you take you bring life and love to a world that is crying out in desperation. Who you are is beautiful and you bring kindness to this world. You are a light and your smile is perfect. Stand your ground, embrace your purpose and let love be the spring in your step and the growth in your heart. 

3 thoughts on “Embracing Your Purpose ”

  1. Timia,
    Thank you for that. I’ve been struggling with feeling lonely and not even comprehending my own feelings let alone being able to share them. Instead I’ve been ignoring them and trying to get better by myself. It has not worked. Nor will it by myself… I need Jesus. He never left me, I’ve let myself drift away and been lazy with prayer, reading and worshiping. Instead of living for the spirit I’ve been living for the flesh and it’s not okay! Thank you for that reminder that we are beautifully flawed and how Jesus completes us. I think the main problem has been feeling the lack of purpose. Thank you for this post and for your daily encouragement. Praying for you this morning!

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  2. Awesome Timia, you are so full of life and truth….the kind that can only be explained by the love and power of Jesus ❤ Love you girly, Rock on, live Free, BE you. -Shelbs


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