Embracing Uncertainty  

  It is time to stop dancing with temptation as we make excuse after excuse and choose to cling to what is familiar and what society labels as the safe choice. I have been there, I have played the game for much longer then I like to admit. We all have our own weaknesses; we pick and choose what we allow to have control over our hearts. No matter what it is they are all the same in the way that they inhibit true growth and chain us to the ground. So often I think our hearts feel as if they are stuck between seasons, unable to distinguish between reality and the past scars that refuse to fade. I am a lot more afraid of the silence then I like to admit, change is scary and it so often means stepping out of your comfort zone. What would it look like to dance with uncertainty? To boldly embrace the way that the very thing we are running from is so often the only thing that will bring the healing and freedom we are craving

For in the darkest of nights when the quiet whispers of loneliness invade, that is when we discover what we are made of and realize the depth of Gods love and the way that He pursues us and fights for us even when we shove Him to the side. When it comes down to it, intimacy is often times scary and our insecurities have a way of building up walls, but we are always given the choice to hide behind them or tear them down.
In order to fully walk in freedom and healing we must acknowledge that the process is messy and at times we will feel as if we are slowly breaking into pieces. All hope of recovery can seem as faint as the way the morning mist hangs over a lake, here for a moment and gone the next. Yet in our brokenness is when we realize that what this world says is torn, faded and beyond repair, God sees as perfect. He commits himself to rebuilding our hearts from the ground up.

You may feel alone like your roots are constantly being uprooted, the beautiful flowers being thrown to the side, as they are deemed unworthy. You might feel as if you are crying out in desperation and only being met by your voice echoing off the blank walls of fear and isolation.

Yet don’t let hopelessness invade and take root. God’s love is not dependent upon our circumstances and His faithfulness is found in the way He protects us and walks us through the valleys in order to bring us to the high mountains. Faith is always followed by an action, and God is not distant. He is simply waiting for us to come to the end of ourselves, to be okay with being broken. He is the almighty healer who doesn’t give His heart in pieces. His promises are redemption and restoration. His voice never wavers. He is always fighting for you and will never let go of your hand. So stand up and smile, in every season His faithfulness stands true. Embrace the uncertainty, let your heart be soft to His voice and allow His boldness to be your loving guide.

Life is so much more then the seasons we go through, it was never meant to be lived in isolation and fear of uncertainty. Don’t let the promises of what is to come to steal the joy from today, for the beauty within your heart was never meant to be hidden.

Don’t be afraid to raise your voice, you have the boldness to walk in freedom and with every step forward you will realize that so many other hearts are fighting the same battles. Embrace the uncertainty; let the beauty be found in life’s imperfections and the way human emotions were never made to fit into a box. Let kindness invade your heart and allow the sunlight to bring healing and growth. Allow yourself to feel, to grieve, to heal, but don’t let bitterness become your motivation. The very scars you have tried to bury for so long are the very ones that speak of your strength and unwavering ability to always seek growth. Be patient, for flowers don’t grow over night. Be gentle and loving for your heart is fragile and worth protecting. It is okay to be broken, for to be broken is to be human and to admit that we aren’t striving for perfection. It is allowing the uncertainty of our future and the unanswered questions to take us deeper in love and healing instead of trying to put ourselves together so that the world sees a life that measures up to the standards it sets.

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