Blooming in Freedom

I want to be quiet, to rest in your faithfulness.

Yet I am afraid of the uncertainty that comes with my newfound freedom.


I love the refreshing wind, the sunlight streaming down.

Yet my roots are shaky and I fear the droughts to come.


My heart is fickle, restlessness has become comfortable soil.

Deep down, I want to listen to your voice.

I want to let the sound of your voice wash over the weak and tired roots I’ve grown.


Yet time and time again, I run away.

I choose my sin. I let fear become normal.


For so long, fear has defined my worth.

Yet freedom has a way of winning and I am slowly beginning to understand the process of discovering my true value and beauty as a daughter of a king.


For what good is freedom if you don’t truly thrive and bloom in it.

If freedom is the soil that I am planted in, why do I hesitate to truly grow roots?


If my walls have been torn down as sunlight breaks through the darkness, why do I choose to hide in the shadows?

I choose to uproot myself, even though you hold me in your big, beautiful and calloused hands.


Hands that paid the price.

Hands that are gentle with my fragile heart.


Yet again, I run away.

This love, it is too patient. Too kind. Too forgiving.


Yet in my unfaithfulness, when I am determined to follow my wandering heart, that is when I truly begin to understand.

Life was never intended to be lived on the surface.


Now is the time to bloom.

To truly walk out the freedom I have gained.


Perfection is an illusion that we are taught to chase. Yet the beauty of Gods love is found in His faithfulness to us.


He isn’t scared when we run away.

He simply waits for us.


He is a friend, a lover, and the pursuer of our hearts.

So why do we so easily settle, weighed down by temptation.


We are unfaithful lovers in search of a place to call home.

Yet He is that safe place.


He is the depth of the ocean, the mountaintops and also the small flower growing roots.

To bloom is to flourish in a love that sets me free as it whispers of only grace and freedom.


No flower will bloom overnight and not everyone will appreciate the process it goes through.

Yet God is never disappointed with a flower at any stage of its growth.


He is committed to us blooming.

He is the one we can’t live without.


So let every breath you take worship Him, without Him we are nothing.

His love defines beauty and purpose.

Faithful to stay, kindness is who he is.


So don’t be afraid.

To truly bloom is to thrive in and flourish in freedom and grace.

To bloom is to dance in the rain and sunshine alike.hj

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