Consistency and Growing Roots

New beginnings are on the horizon, for every flower eventually pushes through the soil. Deep down we all know that we are made to bloom and to thrive in the sunlight. Yet It is easy to live a life that is wholehearted only when everything around you is surrounded by a gentle and peaceful breeze. It is easy to thrive and to stand strong when every breath isn’t spent fighting to find a purpose or a reason to grow roots.Yet don’t forget the importance of stopping to simply breathe in the beauty of the season that you find yourself planted in. It isn’t always about the destination, sometimes it is the pursuit of growth that should fuel us. 
Lately I’ve been struggling to live a life of consistency, growing roots is scary and so often doesn’t seem worth it. I feel like I’m in a constant state of wanting to run away because I crave the change that will ignite a fire in my heart. I’m going to be honest, it is hard going from traveling being the only consistency in my life to being in a job that is all day during the week as a preschool teacher. I went from having little to no defined schedule and the freedom to simply love people to my life being centered around routine and consistency. Sometimes I am tempted to run away, to return to what had become comfortable. Yet every time I lift my feet to follow my wandering heart, I hear love whisper that it is time to stay. Don’t waste today by living in anticipation for things to come. Let love grab ahold of your heart and be patient in letting the process transform you. Take a hold of the little moments, for joy has a way of hiding in the moments that often disguise themselves as mundane. 

New beginnings can be found in the routine way that the clock unfailing ticks away. Either your heart will be overshadowed by the sound of time passing or it will come alive without any consideration for the boundaries set by this world. So take a moment to sit, letting revival spark a fire within you. Let yourself be transformed by the simplicity of Gods love until you find yourself unable to sleep at night because your dreams are so big. 

Every step you take holds significance and even when you stumble your purpose will always prevail. Perhaps It is time to fight the bigger battles; self discipline, intentionality and consistency. Both are found within our everyday and ordinary routine. I find I’ve taught myself to run from them because I find routine to be stifling and I often use busyness as an excuse to live my life half heartedly. 

I’m learning that my purpose and calling isn’t defined by the season I find myself in. Sometimes season of growth, where you feel your roots shaking and the wind roaring, that’s when you discover what makes your heart beat with joy. Those times when you question your very foundation and wonder why you were put on this earth are defining moments. Moments when you realize you’re no longer a seed but a beautiful flower that is a necessary part of this world that is slowly unraveling. I think sometimes we forget just how beautiful it is that Jesus provides consistency in our unfolding journeys. 

We are born with wandering hearts, prone to be unfaithful and so often quick to uproot ourselves. Yet how many times does God choose to be consistent in his love and pursuit of our hearts. No matter how tiny and insignificant we feel, He refuses to see us as simply a seed lost among the heartbreak and meaningless endeavor we know as life. He is consistent in the way He speaks life and reminds of the beautiful flower we will one day become. He consistently picks us up, even when we fall because of our own stubbornness. He holds our hand and guides us along, but also let’s us choose to let go if we want. 

For growth comes through a determination to wholeheartedly devote to the process. It is found within the desire to change as you allow the work to take place in your heart. Refinement is a process that sometimes looks discouraging because change isn’t always visible. It takes time to heal and to live contrary to the lies that you have established. It takes time to grow roots that you trust as you grow in intimacy with jesus. 
So be patient when you feel that your roots are constantly being pulled up as the storm rages on around you. Be patient when you feel that small tug on your heart that tries to convince you to run away and follow your wandering heart. If you allow yourself to be planted in his love, there is no storm that can uproot you from that firm foundation. Devote yourself to consistency and to be found within the trials and struggles that are sure to come your way. Don’t let your heart be hardened, trust that within every season his love remains consistent. It’s time to stop dwelling on and idolizing perfection, for life will never give you a set of ideal situations. More often than not it will try and pull you into complacency. 

True change must start within you and not around you. Your foundation must be built upon love and grace. So often our natural instinct is to run away, changing our situation or the ground we stand upon. Yet maybe when we find the courage to stay, that is when our hearts can truly be transformed through love. It is time to prioritize love as we stop tiptoeing around in fear. 

It’s time to be okay with the unknown, to step forward in pursuit of a life that is lived wholeheartedly and is marked by consistency. It is about pursuing God and choosing to not belittle the purpose that’s planted within our hearts.

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