Love that Redeems 

Shattered. Our fragile hearts are constantly waging war against themselves. Afraid of the brokenness that has invaded a space that once was know for its innocence and purity.
Broken. This world is often harsh and it teaches us to run from our scars instead of embracing the healing that our souls crave. 

Healing. The process of uprooting lies and planting truths. The light that brings freedom and calls out the beauty within. 

Redeemed. The way that love picks up every piece of our shattered and broken hearts and commits to healing and restoring them. 

Our hearts are slowly unraveling, we have chosen to let them be tied to meaningless pursuits. Complacency creates room for lies to take root and our beauty is tainted by the harshness of this world. We were created to be whole and flowers meant to grow in the fields of our wandering hearts. The truth is, we are all broken and shattered in our own ways and we have doors we prefer to keep locked. It is scary to let people see the parts of you that you don’t even know how to love. Yet for every crack of separation and brokenness , we serve a God that is known for mending them and restoring us to our full potential. 

Sometimes though, it is easier to walk away from the healing process because our hearts are fragile and we have convinced ourselves that we are not worthy of being loved. Yet there is an accountability that comes with surrendering to the love that paid the price for our hearts to continue beating. We are called to make amends with our creator and to walk forward into the light. Our value isn’t determined by the brokenness that we often inflict upon ourselves. Redemption is found in the way that God takes our unraveling hearts and slowly begins to weave them back together. It is a love that is committed to us flourishing no matter the season we are in. 

It isn’t about the decisions we make or the things we pursue for God isn’t so much concerned with what we do or what we label as sin. His love is simply pursuing our hearts in order for us to truly live a life where every breath counts. 

He brings conviction in order to call out the beauty within us because he chooses to fight for the growth that we need. In order to truly thrive we need the gentle whispers that his love breathes life through as he wraps us in his embrace. It is Gods way of protecting us from the harshness that this world is often known by, because your heart is worthy of being loved and protected. If His love is as pure as He says, then why would he ever let your heart beat in tune to the complacency of this world. 

Sometimes we forget just how simple life and God are. There is a simplicity to be found in a love that doesn’t define us by our brokenness because it can’t see us as anything but redeemed. 

Redemption isn’t something to be strived for, it is the way that God meets us where we are at and teaches us to walk forward in healing. For every flower starts as a small seed that feels lost and insignificant because it only knows a world of darkness. It is scary when it finally breaks through that soil and is met by a world that seems scary, bright and daunting in its size. Yet with every day that passes, growth takes place. Soon it isn’t afraid of the potential within it and it begins to crave sunlight and the freedom it brings. 

Just like that flower, our hearts were never meant to live in darkness. Our brokenness was never meant to stunt our growth. You are capable of blooming, your past doesn’t have the power to chain you down. As you invite love into the quiet moments you will find that all it does is slowly stitch you back together. Don’t be alarmed if it seems scary or you discover weeds that have completely entangled your heart. Instead you must choose to look for the flowers that have somehow held onto hope and insisted on blooming. Look for ways to abide in the simplicity of a love that looks past every flaw and past abuse. 

Redemption is a part of your story and it’s time to start surrendering to the light and to let it heal every broken part of your beautiful beating heart. 

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