Tethered in Love

Broken hearts strung together by lies that have entangled us in their soft yet harsh webs, we are all wanderers in search of love that will stay for the fight.

Often times the poison within the tenacious yet thin web of lies is predictable, its intent is to cripple the purpose that beats within. If we aren’t careful we start to give the lies credit for their strength and the fact that they in many ways keep our heart from completely dissolving into chaos. Yet it is hard to thrive if you are constantly being suffocated by the lies of depression or anxiety and even the daily tasks seem impossible.

We seek love and wait for someone to look at us with adoration, but yet what if the answer is to look within and realize that the love we crave is already there. God deems us worthy and He paid the price for our hearts to beat in freedom. I have been realizing that true change only comes with the realization that we have been given the key to freedom and that we have a bravery within us that stems from the love planted in our hearts. A love that isn’t afraid of brokenness because it has the ability to mend the cracks and to fight for growth. There isn’t a lie with persistent enough roots that Gods love cannot uproot it.

Growth comes through creating space for His love to invade our hearts as we consistently devote ourselves to weeding out the lies that have been planted within. God isn’t here to partially invade our lives, for He loves us too much to leave pieces broken and unmended. There is no piece of you that is to sharp, jagged or bruised that His mercy and grace would push you away. For even in our frustration and hurt He simply pulls us in and invites us into healing.

The thing that I am realizing about God is that He will never settle for cutting off the top of the plants that have embedded their lies into the very core of our hearts. He is always going to remove it entirely, even if that takes years, for His love is as consistent as the sun rising every day.

Even when it isn’t easy, remember that there is still hope. He has planted bravery in your heart and His promise is to water and to tend to it until eventually it forces all fear to leave.

We must become people of consistency, always choosing to remain tethered in Gods love, letting it be the soil we plant ourselves in and the nurturing rain that brings growth and freedom

I’ll be honest, I struggle with being a person of consistency, it is all to easy for me to overestimate the amount of time I have in a given week and I easily exhaust myself. I find that my heart is often rooted in fear of people and wasting my time on things that don’t matter instead of being rooted in Gods love. Yet recently I am finding that I truly want to be somebody who is consistent in the love I give and following through on my words. I am slowly realizing that in the same way a flower cannot grow when its roots lie in unhealthy soil, our hearts cant thrive unless they are tethered to and anchored within Gods heart.

I am consistently being humbled by the way God gently reminds me that change only comes when I let His love be the consistent foundation that I build my life upon. From the way that I treat people to the attitude I have on a daily basis, all I do must be governed by Gods love.

Sometimes that looks like choosing not to gossip, other times maybe it is standing up and using my voice so that others don’t take advantage of me. Sometimes it looks like saying no because God wants us to be intentional to seek rest and we sometimes have to prioritize our own hearts so that we can better pour ourselves out later.

Sometimes it means showing up every day to a job you don’t love simply because you are trusting Gods guidance and know that He is doing something through you.

Maybe it is letting some people go because they only bring negativity into your life and stifle the growth God is trying to bring. Perhaps it is asking the hard questions and choosing to embrace your past regrets and mistakes.

Instead of running away, choose to look a little deeper, consistently show up every day because your heart is worth fighting for. Remain tethered to His love until His heart is the only thing you find yourself craving.

As you do that you will find that you cannot run from His goodness and love, it is every present and the foundation that can’t be shaken. As you go forward you will find that he guides every step and that every footprint you leave behind is laced with love.

There is beauty to be found in consistently showing up again and again, for the battle isn’t going to be won overnight. Victory is found in disciplining ourselves to consistently speak the truth over our own hearts and those around us. It is found in going deep with God, letting His love invade our hearts until fear no longer has space to entangle us with its lies.

” And I pray that you being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the Lords holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the Love of Christ.” – Ephesians 3:18

” So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in Him, rooted and built up in Him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness” – Colossians 2:

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