Don’t Give Up, Love Wins

Seeds planted deep within the soil. Dreams and prayers that have so much purpose within them, but often times feel unnoticed. Lost amongst a world that so often captivates our hearts with distractions and doubt. Doubt that is fueled by the harsh voices surrounding us and from lack of visible growth.

Scattered dreams, a breath of air spent praying that they land in good soil. The potential is there, the hope of the flowers that will bloom and show off their beauty for the world to see. Yet potential without direction and discipline is what causes so many dreams to become stale and forgotten.

We are often times quick to listen, but slow to obey. Our day-to-day decisions hinder our purpose instead of sparking growth.

I lately have been learning that I often inhibit growth because I make it about trying to hard, instead of simply asking God for His heart and guidance. Perhaps the answer is found in learning to surrender, for a heart surrendered has been softened by Gods love and understands just how little control we have. Being surrendered to God is simply allowing Him to break us of our innate pride so that He can move in us, as He wants to. It is recognizing the stubbornness within us and choosing to lay that down.

For every dream, every prayer has so faithfully been seen and heard by God. His promise is to never abandon us, but instead to stay committed to our growth. His love for us is beautiful and reckless; it never gives up on our hearts. Never once does His voice falter or shake. His promises are as consistent as the way the sun silences the darkness every morning. If we ask for guidance and direction, he will never once turn us away or tell us that it isn’t important. His devotion to us is both humbling and awe-inspiring, a king who is worthy of all of our praise.

The question isn’t if He will come through and bring flowers from those seeds, the question is when. For in the same way a Gardner doesn’t plant seeds to simply abandon them, so God doesn’t spark things within our heart unless His intention is to bring fuel to that fire.

So it is time for us to become people who choose to stay and say yes to His correction and guidance, because we know His promise is always to bring growth and life. It is time to stay through the growth pains and the seasons of waiting in order to fully bloom and thrive in our identity as a fully loved child of God.

There is no halfway commitment to growth, either we fight for the flowers to bloom or we choose to push it back underneath the ground. It is easy to start something with enthusiasm and excitement, but how often do we fight to maintain that? I fear that to often we choose to stop halfway instead of pursuing the finish line or end destination. I know that I am guilty of that.

Yet lately, I am reminding myself that the victory is right around the corner, so we must remain rooted and not give up hope. It may seem like love has lost track of time and wont show up, yet Gods promise is that His love never fails. So hold on a little tighter, water those small seeds of hope that are deep within your heart. Devote to walking in kindness and whatever you do, don’t let anything hindering you from pursuing God. Whether you have taken one step forward or a hundred, you are moving and that is all that matters.

Extend grace to those around you, for love is the only response that will move mountains.

I am preaching to myself here, because more often then not my first answer when things get tough is to not stand my ground and persevere, but rather to run away and take flight.

Yet I am slowly learning that staying put and growing roots is the very thing that allows my heart to bloom. It isn’t always easy to stay, but every time I do, love wins once again and God proves His faithfulness.
Beauty doesn’t bloom overnight; it is the result of consistent devotion to the seeds that have been planted in your heart by the one who is only capable of seeing the good within you.

So don’t give up. Bring your questions, your doubts and your fears; allow Him to show you that love always wins.

Whatever you do, don’t give up; this world needs to hear your voice and it is waiting to be changed by your beauty.

“ Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful. And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds” – Hebrews 10:22-23jklj

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