Turn Towards the Light

Growth. The process of letting love grow roots as we learn who we are and what we are capable of.

Brokenness. The pieces of your past life that try to define your future purpose and to hinder your growth.

Redemption. The love that chooses to believe in us and to help us in our brokenness so that our hearts grow and thrive.

I find myself in a season of growing roots, of learning to press into God when it is hard. Often times I find myself questioning my purpose, in many ways feelings like I am on unsettled ground.

Every day driving to work this past week, I’ve seen beautiful sunflowers lining the road on either side and God’s been showing me how beautiful it is that they always turn towards the light because that is what they are made for.

Amidst all of our brokenness their is a light that reflects brighter then our past hurts and mistakes. It is a love that awakens us from our sleep and calls us forward.

It reminds us that we are made to bloom, to grow, to thrive. The beautiful thing about God’s love is that it is consistent in pushing back the darkness, unable to do anything but be reliable.

The choice is ours, either we turn towards the love that calls our name or we choose to retreat into the shadows. The shadows are often more comfortable, familiarities whisper tugs at our hearts.

Yet in the shadows our hearts fade, no color or life can be seen. Only in the light does the beauty come forth, yellow and vibrant, like a sunflower. We are meant to be seen.

Purpose is rekindled when we realize that our weakness is simply a reflection of God’s faithfulness. A reflection of the love that never leaves our side and always fights for the good in our hearts.

We are made to bloom, our hearts made to turn towards the light.

What if we began to view our brokenness as a reason to turn towards the light of God’s love instead of seeing it as a reason to hide?

Often times I think we are afraid of being exposed, of being seen as imperfect. Yet that is what makes us human and showcase God’s love.

It’s time to let love take root and to let hope be the light that causes our hearts to be vibrant and full of color.

So this is for all the hearts that feel unnoticed, forgotten and overlooked. For myself, a reminder to always turn my heart towards love.

This is for the ones who are questioning the purpose behind the dark nights and wondering when hope will take root.

This is a reminder that God’s faithfulness will always be there fighting for you.

Turn towards the light, let it soak into the depths of your heart and ignite a new purpose and passion.

Let love bloom and hope thrive.

4 thoughts on “Turn Towards the Light”

  1. I love this. God calls us to turn toward the light and is not surprised, disappointed, disgusted, impatient, or even frustrated with what he sees. It’s ok (better even!) to be do voluntarily seen by him because we can know that – because of Jesus – he will only respond with acceptance, love, and care. We don’t have to face judgment or shame. The light is good and being seen in it and delighting in it is a relief and a realignment to how were we created. Thanks for the reminder. Keep lighting up your corner of the world! ❤️🙌🏼


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