Refusing to be Silent

There is an oppression that comes from our silence.

Our voices are meant to be raised, to be a beacon of light and love. Yet so often we are the ones who turn our heads the other way, choosing to abandon the hurting hearts around us. Choosing to lock people in their prison cells, their hearts held captive to the fear and injustice that has grown roots.

Often times our silence stems from a lack of confidence. A questioning of our purpose and the voice that we have. Our hands hold a set of keys, but we doubt the doors they will open. Yet every key we hold belongs to the hearts around us, and God intends for them to be used. We hold the power to bring freedom, to spark life, to ignite love in the forgotten.

Yet more often than not though, we choose silence, we choose complacency, we chose ourselves. We look away, giving fear and oppression a stronger voice. We look at the keys in our hand, turning them over and over, thinking of the potential they have but scared to make a move. For to stand up against injustice means taking a stand and refusing to remain silent even in the tough moments.

Through our silence though, we are simply taking those keys and burying them underground, safely tucked away until the time seems right. They often lay forgotten, one thing after another we shovel more dirt to pile on top. Our busy schedules are a justifiable reason for why we don’t stop for those in need. Our lack of resources is an excuse that seems plausible and it is all to easy to doubt the voice of love when you let fear dictate your moves. Slowly but surely the keys begin to rust as our hearts become cluttered with everyday worries, insecurities and doubts.

Soon, they are so deep in the soil that they are completely forgotten. Until one day, they begin to transform, for all along they were a seed.

First it starts to sprout under he soil, the awakening of the love within a burdened and weary heart. It then starts to grow, seeking out the light that it knows it needs to thrive. Eventually it blooms, vibrant and full of life.

Within every heart there is a love that is meant to be given and a purpose that can’t be silenced. I used to think that the keys I have are worthless, I didn’t know how to use them or where they went. I’m realizing more and more every day that it is all about love, about not silencing the passions and strengths within. It’s about blooming where you’re planted, letting your heart be seen.

It isn’t always about the big and grand ways you love, but the little ways that you use your voice every day. For in order for a flower to bloom, you have to tend to the seed that has been planted. I used to think in order to fully thrive and love well I had to be on a great adventure, finding those who are unseen and pursuing people in big ways. While there was a time and season for that, I’m learning now that it’s just as important to love those who are in front of me. Love isn’t defined by borders, geographic locations or the season of life you find yourself in. Injustice and oppression grows in the cracks of every street, regardless of where we are.

It is our job to stop ignoring the hurt and broken that are in front of us, remembering the way God loves the 99 but seeks out and fights for the one.

We are created to give life away, to find the people that are desperately looking for a sense of worth and belonging.

It starts by refusing to stay silent, fighting for love to be known. It starts by stepping into your passions and finding what brings you joy.

It’s time to stand up against injustice and oppression instead of fueling them with our silence. Step into love and stop making excuses for remaining silent. Your voice matters.

“ Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and looses one of them. Doesn’t He leave the 99 in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? And when he finds it he joyfully puts it on his shoulder and goes home. Then calls his friends and neighbors together and says “ rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep”

-luke 15:4-6-

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